The process of skin sun tanning is a multi-chain reaction. The melanin is produce inside the melanosomes in bodies named melanocyte, (2 types of melanin).

later they are release from the melanocyte and traveling to the epidermal cells. Later they get “injected” into the epidermal cells, getting enlarged and causing the skin to become brownish.

The traditional whitening process is achieved by competitive inhibition of tyrosine activity - thus preventing melanin formation. Our product tackles the whitening problem for more than one angle. We have (in our product) active ingredients that: 

     stop tyrosine activity by competitive and none competitive procedures. 

     Some ingredients prevents melanosomes formation in the melanocytes. 

     Other ingredients prevent the release of the melanosomes from the melanocytes.

     An forcing group of ingredients interferer with the uptake of the melanosomes into the epidermal cells. Melanosomes that do not enter to cell shortly after they released are destroyed in the extra cellular matrix. 

     there is also an active reduction of existing melanin by anti-oxidant as Resveratrol and others. 

The full list of components and their synergetic effect will be discussing in our brochure. Anyhow the activity of our cream is very fast, brown colour redaction will be seen after 6-10 days and the full brightening capacity will achieved after about 6 weeks from starting treatment.

How does it work?